DI221 Underwater Ultra Violet Detectors

The Irradian DI221 underwater ultra violet series detectors are sealed in a waterproof enclosure and are designed for use down to a depth of 10 metres whilst maintaining the combinations of reliability and precision.

They are provided with a calibrated current sensitivity and comprise of a silicon or GaAsP photodiode and filter glass package with diffuser.

Three models are available that cover the UVA, UVB and UVAB regions:

  • UVA - Model DI221A-Cos
  • UVB - Model DI221B2-Cos
  • UVAB - Model DI221AB-Cos

Key design features include:

  • Fully submersible up to 10 metres
  • Cosine response
  • Aluminium body with resistant anodising
  • High stability photodiodes

DI221 Brochure