R203 Radiometer

Most drugs and pharmaceutical compounds are required to be tested for their photostability under prolonged exposure to visible and ultra violet light.

Additionally, when using fluorescing dyes in crack detection the ambient visible light levels and the intensity of the ultra violet source have to be controlled.

The radiometer model R203UV measures both the illuminance and the UVA irradiance and is supplied with Irradian's laboratory detector, a high accuracy photopic filter ring and a UVA filter ring.

Key features of the microprocessor controlled radiometer include minimum, maximum and average signal measurements, autoranging and a RS232 link for remote control and data logging.

An illuminant 'A' source is used for the photometric calibration.

To facilitate the UVA measurement the radiometer can be calibrated under a specific light source to match the UVA irradiance measurement of an Irradian SR9910 double-monochromator spectroradiometer. Alternatively, a choice of sources and further techniques are available for the ultra violet irradiance calibration in order to suit the users requirements.

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R203 Brochure