Q201 Quantum PAR Radiometer

The Irradian portable digital quantum radiometer model Q201 is a versatile, direct reading instrument designed specifically for measuring photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) over the spectral range 400 to 700nm, in units of µmol / m² / s (or alternatively in units of micro Einstein / m² / s ).

The operating range of 0 to 1999.9 µmol / m² / s makes the Q201 suitable for sunlight and controlled environment chamber measurements.

The radiometer comprises of a handheld display unit with battery, detector and integral amplifier, with interconnecting cable. The meter also includes a calibration certificate and carrying case for protection and transportation.

The Q201 PAR radiometer offers lower cost combined with an Irradian high accuracy PAR response, cosine corrected detector.

The Q201 may be used in applications such as Agriculture, Horticulture, Plant Growth studies, Biology and Liminology (with under water detectors).

A handbook and brochure for this meter are available here.

Other measurement ranges are also available, please contact Irradian for details.

Q201 Brochure




Q203 Quantum PAR Radiometer

The Q203 radiometer has a laboratory detector with up to three interchangeable filter rings for PAR and radiometric (400 - 1000nm) irradiance measurements and a photopic filter ring for illuminance (Lux) measurements.

The microprocessor control within the display unit features auto or manual ranging, and has special functions for recording the average, minimum and maximum light signals from unstable sources. Other features include a RS232 serial port for connection to a PC.

The Q203 radiometer can also be supplied with waterproof detector housing for absorption measurements in the water column. The signal instability due to the surface wave effect can be minimised by using the averaging special function on the radiometer.

Q203 Brochure