Irradian Achieves ISO 9001:2015 UKAS Certification

Irradian Ltd is proud to announce that following a recent audit of our Business Management System we have been awarded ISO 9001:2015 UKAS accredited certification. As a company we have always been committed to establishing the highest levels of customer satisfaction, product quality and business efficiency. By achieving this internationally recognised standard we believe we have successfully demonstrated our capability and passion...


Software for SR9910-V7 Spectroradiometer

The latest software release (version 15.03.01) for the SR9910-V7 spectroradiometer is now available.

New features include numeric support for international keyboards; user options for save, load and set default, scan settings and an enhanced editor for use with user function files.

The version will run on all Windows platforms.

For further information contact Irradian.


New L203 Brochure

A new brochure for the L203 Luminance and Illuminance photometer is now available for download. It provides an overview of the meter and details the operation, features and specification of the unit.

The L203 is designed to accurately measure a wide range of luminance and illuminance intensities from light sources of differing spectral distribution or low light level.

For further information and prices contact Irradian or download the L203 information ava...

News From Irradian - The Latest Information


Website Launches

Irradian is delighted to announce the launch of its latest website.

The new webpages showcase the full range of products currently available and detail our calibration and repair services. They also inform of relevant news items, such as the latest product releases. Handbooks, guides and brochures are freely available in the Support Section, for all currently available products.

If you would like more inform...


New Product Information

Irradian would like to introduce the latest model in the 203 series range - the PR203.

The PR203 is a tri-measurement hand-held meter for use with blue light phototherapy systems covering, tungsten halogen, fluorescent and diode luminaries. Suitable for use in hospital and laboratory environments, it is designed for long life and is robust and accurate.

It also provides flexibility with the various types of phototherapy units that are in use whilst ...